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16 Days to Stardom

Boosting the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival's Visibility: A Case Study by Boost Marketing

Platform: Instagram
Client: Events Company of Saint Lucia
Period: April 29th- May 14th 2023

The Starting Point

The Saint Lucia Jazz Festival, produced by the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, in partnership with the Events Company of Saint Lucia, is an annual cultural highlight.


As the clock ticked down to the 2023 Saint Lucia Jazz Festival, we were handed a 16-day window to not only capture but also electrify the attention of music lovers locally.


The compressed timeline transformed this mission into a high-stakes gamble to elevate the festival's visibility dramatically.

Situational Analysis

Brand Profile

The Saint Lucia Jazz Festival is a prestigious event that celebrates the universal language of music, particularly jazz, in the heart of the Caribbean—Saint Lucia.

Market Landscape

In a saturated social media environment, standing out amongst the plethora of entertainment options was a formidable task.


The primary challenge was to generate buzz and attract potential attendees within a 16-day timeframe.

Strategic Overview

To encapsulate the vibrant essence of the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival within a mere 16 days, we unfurled an agile, holistic Instagram strategy that merged digital and experiential elements.


This blend harmonized the emotional impact of visual storytelling with the real-time vitality of on-ground interactions.


  1. Vibrant Imagery Through Copywriting: Crafting emotionally resonant narratives to captivate the audience.

  2. Posting at Optimal Times: Utilizing data analytics to maximize visibility during high-traffic windows.

  3. Emotional & Visual Storytelling: Amplifying the brand’s primary color—pink—through powerful imagery.

  4. Timely Updates: Keeping the community informed and engaged with real-time posts and stories.

  5. Stories Connection: Offering behind-the-scenes looks to deepen audience engagement.

  6. Community Engagement: Promptly responding to comments to foster a sense of belonging.

  7. Brand Experience: Merging digital excitement with experiential delight. While our online efforts buzzed with engagement, we further solidified the brand's presence through memorable on-ground experiences, facilitated by brand ambassadors.

The Results

  • Average reach per day: 6044 (+1.3k%)

  • Profile views: 13.96k (+814%)

  • Impressions: 525.42k (+1.9k%)

  • Engagement: 413%

  • Interactions: 7.8k

  • Fan Growth: 5%

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