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Viral and Beyond

How Boost Marketing's Innovative Strategies Surpassed Targets by 10% and Captured Global Attention

In a digital world where going viral is gold, Boost Marketing catapulted the Bank of Saint Lucia (BOSL) beyond expectations—achieving viral acclaim and exceeding financial goals by 10%. This case study explores how we revitalized BOSL's brand to resonate on a global scale.

image of an actor for a campaifn

Challenge: The Starting Point

The Bank of Saint Lucia faced a two-fold challenge:


Stale Communication: Their existing communication style did not adequately engage or include their diverse customer base.

Underutilized Digital Channels: Despite having a decent following, the bank wasn't leveraging the full power of social media.

Solution: A Refreshing New Approach

Customer-Centric Communication

We elevated BOSL's messaging by making it more inclusive and customer-focused. This shift allowed the bank to speak directly to its audience, thereby creating a sense of belonging and trust.


Visual Makeover

To echo this newfound inclusivity, we revamped BOSL's visual communication. The new approach featured real people in relatable scenarios, making the brand more approachable and relatable.


The Power of a Brand Ambassador

The campaign was spearheaded by BOSL's brand ambassador, Ezra Augustin, whose creative feature instantly struck a chord with audiences.


Social Media: The Unleashed Giant

By tactically harnessing social media platforms, we transformed BOSL's online presence into a dynamic interaction hub. This wasn't just a campaign; it was a movement.

image of an actor for a campaifn
image of an actor for a campaifn

" The ideas and concepts presented are fresh and innovative, the scope of services is diverse, at highly competitive rates. It must be stated that Boost Marketing has continuously demonstrated much agility in accommodating the dynamically changing demands imposed by the Bank." 

image of an actor for a campaifn

Results: Viral Status and Beyond

International Recognition

The campaign gained unprecedented traction, not only in the Caribbean but also in the United States and Europe.


Financial Milestones

Beyond achieving viral status, the campaign surpassed its financial targets by an astounding 10%, a testament to the power of well-executed digital marketing.

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