Make an impact with the right team.

We use the power of first impressions to create memorable brand experiences with your customers.

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It takes two seconds to make an impact.

Your consumers make decisions about your brand or company, by relying on their two-second, first impressions based on memories, experiences, and sentiment.

Make it count!

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We strive to be different.

We care about one thing, being impactful.


Boost Promotions is a customer-centric, results-oriented promotional team.


Whilst first impressions are important to us, we also pride ourselves on being a team with demonstrative marketing expertise. 

We are proud to be the only promotional team on the island, housed by a full-service marketing agency.

The difference is in the experience, for you and your consumers, and the results.

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We crafted Boost Promotions with you in mind.

Despite the dominance of digital, there is still a need for face to face marketing. We handpicked a support team that can help you in 3 ways:


A shared, live experience is the best way to connect with your customers. Adding that human element to your brand identity makes it easy for the customer to feel appreciated and better understand why your brand is important to them.

Create authentic brand awareness

To be human means to be curious and that curiosity leads to maximum visibility and awareness for your brand whilst we're on the job. 

Build trust
and loyalty

We're consumers ourselves, so we understand how easy it is to lose trust or loyalty in our favourite brands. Our team presents a more positive side to your brand or company which can help re-establish their

trust in you.

Our expertise sets us apart.

Brand Ambassadors

Promotional Models

Distribution Staff

Product Samplers

Nano Influencers

Event Staffing

Lead Generation Staff

Active Sellers

VIP Hosts

Commercial Talents

Glamour Models

Content Managers

Let's take things a little further!

Let's get your team together!

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