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Why Flyer Distribution Still Works

Flyer distribution—one of the oldest methods of marketing—might be just the opportunity your advertising efforts need. Not to be confused with leaflet distribution, flyer distribution is a tried and tested method that can directly impact sales. And, even in this digital age where social media and email marketing is continuing to grow in strength and influence, flyer distribution has yet to be derailed.

But however simple and effective flyer distribution can be, many marketers and business owners still fail to utilize flyers to its fullest potential.

Just because something is simple, does not mean that it is easy.

A standard reaction for a flyering campaign is 1%, and many businesses see this as being successful, but to push the numbers towards a 2, 3 or 5% success rate, you must consider its design, and transform it into an emotional connection between you and your target audience.

With proper planning, efficient and productive methods of distribution, and a monitoring system which keeps a tab on how good the response is, flyer distribution is sure to work for you.

Here are some statistics that back up flyer distribution's efficiency:

  • Flyers with some sort of discount code or money-off coupon are kept by 33% of customers

  • 71% of consumers who receive coupons, free samples, and offers at the right time in their purchase journey claim that the information helps them to narrow down their options.

  • 48% of flyer recipients visit the advertised business, request more information, or make a purchase.

Before you design, print and distribute thousands of potential leads for your business, here are some things to consider:

1) Your message MUST be clear.

All marketing must have a strong message. This message must be conveyed quickly, creatively and clearly.

If you don’t take your message seriously, why should your potential viewer.

2) It’s not about you, focus on the customer.

When it comes to flyer distribution you want more than a ‘Call to Action’. You want a ‘Connection to Action’ – ‘An Incentive to Action’. You are asking for a chance. You are asking them to trust you. You – a company they have never met or heard of. You are saying to them, give me one go. I am a local business and I stake my name on this business and the service I offer. Give me one go to prove it.

3) Measure, because to measure is to know.

If you can’t monitor your flyering campaigns impact, you can’t measure or improve its success next time The secret behind great marketing is the ability to measure its impact. Measuring the impact of your flyering gives your business a great edge. Can you imagine if every time you sent out a flyering campaign you knew its results? You knew how people were interested, how interested, how many bought or referred or got in touch.

Of course, the simplest way of doing this is by adding a discount. This results in people having to bring in your flyer to your store or apply a coupon online. This shows a direct result of your flyer campaign.

4) Add a human touch.

Flyer distributors add that human element that is missing if delivered through mail. If the option is available to you, explore it. Distributors who have in depth knowledge of your business can directly convince persons who might be skeptical about your business or the offer. They can also address major issues on the spot which most certainly can impact your business positively.

5) Reach a wider audience.

Not everyone has a presence online. Through a flyering campaign, you can reach a wider cross section of people and it can also back up any existing online offers.

Flyer distribution services provide one of the most cost-effective yet results-oriented strategies to promote or advertise products, brands and businesses. Flyers allow you to communicate with your audience in a non-demanding manner, so they can easily take in the information and refer to it when the need arises. And good organization means proper planning, targeted design, an efficient distribution strategy, and a diligent tracking system. Take your time to understand your target audience and design the flyer for them, using colours, images and words that they can relate to. Then choose the areas to distribute your flyers, in the streets or using direct mailing, as you track and measure the response.

If you are interested in utilizing flyer distribution for your next marketing campaign, contact us to schedule a free consultation.
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