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Unleash the power of Instagram

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

It is 2019 and social media is no longer a platform used for simply engaging with your friends and loved ones. It has evolved, and we dare say, it has evolved for good!

Social media has transformed from being a place for social engagements, to a gold mine for marketers and brands who know how to convert their fans and customers from networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and others. However, making this conversion of your audience to actual people that will purchase your products or services require skill and knowledge on how the particular social sphere works.

Now our focus is on Instagram. Yes, Instagram. There is this saying that instagrammers are shoppers. This is because of the influx and presence of many brands. A report by Iconosquare’s 2015 Instagram study shows that 62% of IG users follow a brand because they love it!

If you are new to the IG world, do not worry too much. If you have been on it for a while but you are now looking to increase sales, be rest assured everything you need to do that is in here.

Relax and let us get on this ride together.

Use amazing pictures

Without a doubt, Instagram is all about pictures.

It is literally a platform for display of pictures. So first thing first, if your images and pictures are not of high quality, it has to change.

The great thing about being in 2019 and the advancement of things is that you do not need a great camera to have an amazing picture or image. Most smartphones are well equipped with super amazing cameras that will give your pictures that really great look.

How do you go about posting great images on instagram?

● Take a lot of pictures. A LOT of pictures. Doing this you get to be better at taking pictures.

● That said, you DO NOT post all the many pictures taken. Choose quality over quantity.

● Post pictures regularly. Also pick a theme for your feed and stick to it.

● Make use of good lighting and make your shots from different angles.

● Lastly, keep your edits simple.

Aside from taking great images, enhancing the photos with the right tools is something that can be done as well, as it being important. Instagram offers a wide range of in-app filters that clearly defines several moods and enhances the photo quality. Use your eyes to decide what filter fits best. If you are being doubtful as to which of the filters will look perfect for the image, studies show that the mayfair filter attracts the most interactions per 1000 followers.

Turn your followers into a community

Many established brands do not have the opportunity to relate with their customer base on a personal level and this is actually important especially for converting a passive customer to a regular shopper. The advantage of having less followers than established names is the ability to relate with them on a one-on-one basis.

Sharing their experiences.

Sometimes, when people buy your products, they take pictures with the bought items. This is an opportunity to make them feel like they are special and belong in a particular community of users of your products. The selfie shot with your product could be reposted and shoutout be given to the follower.

Replying to their comments.

Customers/followers are known to show their appreciation on products they like. Sometimes they make inquiries via the comment section. This is a very great opportunity to respond to them. By doing this, they feel the service rendered is personalized and everyone loves the attention given.

Interacting with them via DMs.

No doubt, it is quite understandable that sending messages or interacting with hundreds of people can be highly tedious, but at the same time, it can net some serious sales result. A little inquest into how they are and if they do not mind sharing your post can go a long way. It works, you should give it a try.

Sell benefits, not just products

From experience gained and studies, it is a little known fact that people do not just buy products because they want to. They buy things because they want to solve a particular need. People get new items because there was a problem they had and needed solving. Whatever it is that is up for sale is meeting your customers need and you must let them know this fact.

Benefits are the good things that your products does (or promises to do) for its customers. How do you go about selling the benefits? It's easy. People do it without actually realizing they do it. One of the ways is by writing a great caption! And this “great” caption should not be essentially how great the product is or how dependable or reliable your business is but how the product will solve their need!

Also, utilizing the internet language - emojis is great too as people relate to that on IG.

Use hashtag research to increase your reach

When you use more than two hashtags on facebook and twitter, your engagement decreases. Ironically, Instagram users are over the moon with hashtags!The more hashtags you use, the more engagements you get, but we recommend that you use no more than 10.

If you are not sure of what hashtags to use, check out your competitors hashtags. Conversely, you can check what hashtags your followers are using to see what is popular in your niche.

Make the business page about the business only

This tip goes without saying. However, people do not take it as seriously as it should be.

First things first, put the link of your store in your bio. This is too important. Without the link, your followers do not have any way of becoming your customers. Also, it should be short and precise so it will be easier for them to copy and paste.

Secondly, keep your personal pictures off your instagram business page!. This shows the seriousness of your business. When you make that switch to an instagram business page, do well to make it essentially about the business.

Lastly, stay recognisable with a consistent name and photo. All efforts and activities on instagram will be for nothing if the pieces do not fit to show what your brand actually is. Be recognisable. The instagram name should be the same with the business name across every social channel.

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