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Four Keys to Great Customer Interaction

During live events, promo models and brand ambassadors instantly become the face of the brand in the eyes of consumers. But how can you keep them engaged and interested in the product or service you are promoting? A promotional model has the very difficult task of marketing a product and creating brand awareness, but it’s much more than just selling!

Live events are all about establishing a real and human connection between the company and the customers, and as the brand’s official representative, it’s very important that the team of ambassadors can really deliver a great customer experience for every consumer.

Great customer interaction is essential for a job well done. Here are some tips to improve your people skills for your next event!


Clarity in your communication is extremely important! Avoid using phrases that can confuse consumers by being clear and specific at all times. If you are not sure about the information you are working with, you should get in touch with your team leader or your point of contact in the agency.


A great first step to avoid miscommunication is to investigate as much as possible about the product, service and brand you are promoting. By having an in-depth understanding of what the company’s goals, voice and products are, you will be more prepared for passing on the information to others.

  • Take the time to organize your thoughts: write down notes, prepare a script of your own where you explain the brand’s message in your own words, and practice a lot!

  • Avoid using complicated words: keep every interaction simple, short and direct.

  • Get feedback from the customer: ask them if they have any questions or doubts, and step in to fill in the voids.

  • Read often: reading a book for an hour or two every day can help you expand your vocabulary and your ability to communicate. Turn it into a daily habit!


The most essential rule of any successful communication: to speak, and after that, to listen! Listening to your customer is as important as transmitting the brand’s message in an effective way. By paying attention to what your potential client is saying, you can identify and understand their concerns and wants a little better, and then find a way to use that information to satisfy a need through the brand’s products or services.


By showing that you are actually interested in what they are saying, you create a more personal connection that tells people that you –and by extension, the brand- really care about them. Being open and likable you have a higher chance of establishing a real and lasting connection. It’s the emotion, honesty, and friendliness behind your words that will convince your customers that your brand is worth their time and money. Listen to what the customers have to say, and you might find an effective way to relate to them and have a fruitful conversion.


As promo models, you might have to deal with a customer or two who don’t understand the product or service you are promoting immediately. You must be ready to communicate the message again, find a new way of explaining it or even asking for a team leader’s aid! Patience is extremely important for any person that has to deal with customers, especially for those who are working in an event where the ambiance might not play in your favor.


And what about a rude or difficult customer? You can’t afford to lose your cool! Patience is also important when you are dealing with an unfriendly person. Remember: you should make the customer your top priority throughout the event. If there’s something upsetting them or worrying them, it’s your duty to pay close attention and try to solve the situation as calmly as possible. If things get a little out of hand, or if you don’t have the resources to solve the issue on your own, get support from your team leader, a manager or a superior. Don’t forget to never take negativity or refusal personally, and focus on conveying a good attitude despite it all. Keep in mind that as promo models you are still the representatives of the brand during these possibly difficult situations.


In the world of promo models, a simple “No” can close the channel of communication between you and your potential client. Your job is to keep the conversation going until you secure a sale or you convince the attendee to become a potential customer in the future. The key for a successful customer interaction is to use the right words to persuade your clients and keep them interested.


What can you do if someone asks if a product comes with a particular feature that is unavailable at the moment? Or if they wonder if the service includes something that you know is not contemplated? The normal reaction would be to say “No” and deliver an explanation, right? A better way to keep the conversation going is to respond with a different –yet related- affirmation, such as saying that new features or versions might be available in the future, or that the product is a prototype open to improvement –as long as that affirmation is true, of course! Be creative and try to use as many positive words as you can! Keep in mind that customers don’t like to hear negatives. A “no” can be discouraging and affect their impression about the brand. It’s also important to interact with attendees with a cheerful and kind attitude. Positivity provides a sense of security and care, and customers will see it as a reflection of the brand itself –which is the goal of the event, after all!

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