• Juelle Cadette

Engagement Pods? Issa bad idea.

Yeah, that’s a nope with a capital N.

In the world of social media, engaged communities is the prize for social media managers and influencers.

But that doesn’t mean that every kind of engagement is good, earned engagement.

What do I mean? Let’s take a deeper look at engagement pods.

Engagement pods are the newest engagement hack making the rounds in creator communities. Getting instant engagement can force Instagram's algorithms to react positively, but, the action of using engagement pods because of this, is damaging to your value and credibility.

Yes, really.

How does it work?

Users create close friend groups on Instagram and share content to their circle. Friends in the circle are usually the first to like or comment on that content within a specified time.

This is an effort to supposedly trick the IG Algorithm into ranking their content higher.

But TBH engagement pods actually:

  1. Create low level engagement from the same users

  2. Causes you to lose credibility or value because the engagement is superficial

  3. Make you seem inauthentic

Now I get it, engagement pods look like a credible hack, but here’s the thing, any kind of hack that makes you seem more valuable than you really are, whether you’re a social media manager, creator, or influencer, will only bring issues down the line for the brands who want to invest in or hire you.

Especially if you cannot maintain steady engagement apart from that.

If you’re truly interested in creating engaged communities and staying on the good side of the various algorithms, and yes there are a few, it’s going to take a bit of work, and a little understanding.

Remember this …

Social media success isn’t instant, understand that first. And when I say success, I’m not speaking on following. Clients and brands aren’t interested in large, disengaged communities, they’re interested in authenticity.

Focus instead on growing slowly, knowing who you’re serving content to and what they’re interested. When you stay consistent and grow slowly, you build a community that’s genuine and engaged. A community who trusts you and seeks you out. They recommend you to others, and they share your content without you asking.

Your goal should be to create a community that is eager to interact with you. This is the real proof that will attract clients and brands to your business. If you're looking for better engagement, try this instead: post at your optimal times and share high-quality content.

Be social, be authentic, that’s all that matters.

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