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A Whole New World With Boost Marketing by The YO! Magazine

Boost Marketing's Founder and Managing Consultant, Juelle P Cadette, sat with The Yo!'s Rae Anthony to bring Boost Marketing's story to light.

YO: Who or what inspired Boost Marketing?

J.C:Before Boost Marketing, there was Get Social, and Get Social focused entirely on offering digital marketing services to brands and companies. Many digital channels, like social media, are increasingly impacting our everyday lives. Reality stars, YouTubers and Beauty bloggers are now determining what is popular, what is trend worthy. Get Social was created to be the bridge between brands and companies with their intended audience online, because in today’s digital world, relationships are important and how you foster them is just as important.

I got the opportunity to manage a few major brands overseas and the level of marketing I experienced opened my eyes to the major opportunities that are not being harnessed back home and which awaited me. Though I am still managing these accounts, I came home and re-branded to Boost Marketing to better appeal to local marketers, by offering both traditional and digital marketing services.

YO: How is this group different from other ‘promo’ agencies?

J.C: Well firstly, Boost Marketing is not a promotional agency. We are a marketing agency, and thus our objectives are different; the kind of clientele we aspire to engage is different. We’re not looking to be everywhere, but to be at the right places; to become an agency of value. It may not seem so now, but that is apart of the strategy in how we build our reputation and experience.

Boost Marketing will offer a range of services through three core divisions: Boost Marketing, which aims to help companies build a trusted image, Boost Creative which will offer marketing-led creative services, and Boost Promotions, which offers people centric experiences that move, inspire and connect, to unlock value.

I hope to offer these services in phases, with Boost Promotions being the only division that is currently fully offered. I expect Boost Marketing to be a full-service marketing agency within five years.

YO: What is the chief goal of the group?

J.C:Of course, money is the main the goal of every business but before I started thinking about money, I thought about a problem and its solution. I want Boost Marketing to be at the forefront of change. I want it to be a driver of change, through experience. Experience is a word I use often to describe the company, because experience in 2019 is what makes or breaks a brand, it is what consumers require.

A positive exchange will be that driver of change for clients.

YO: How many girls are in the group?

J.C:Boost Marketing is blessed to work with close to 25 team mates on the promotional side of things. Young, pleasant and smart young women who all hope to make their mark in society.

YO: What’s one thing you’ve learnt since you started this journey?

J.C: I’ve learnt that nothing good comes easy, and that good things take time.

YO: What advice would you offer to women who are interested in entering the field?

J.C: Imagine if Rihanna decided not to launch Fenty Beauty because everybody has a makeup line? There is always room for you. If it is something you feel in your gut, pursue it. No one person holds the key, not even me. Do not worry about competition and ignore the negatives. Focus only on your goals. Believe in yourself. There is a market for you and what you’re selling.

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